Tax Form with Audit Stamp on it

Understanding IRS Audits

The IRS accepts most federal tax returns as filed. However, the IRS examines - or audits - some returns to determine if income, expenses, and credits are being reported accurately. If your return is selected for examination, it does not suggest that you made an error or are dishonest. Returns are chosen by computerized screening, by random sample, or by an income document matching program.

Tax Muscle never recommends that any taxpayer attempt to confront the IRS on their own behalf during an audit. Even if you are absolutely convinced that you recorded the line items on your tax return properly, encountering the IRS can be a fearsome endeavor. The very idea that the IRS has chosen to take a closer examination of your tax records can induce panic.

The audit experience can be particularly intimidating when conducted in person. Most IRS audits are conducted entirely by mail. When conducted by mail, you will receive a letter from the IRS asking for additional information about certain items shown on your return such as income, expenses, and itemized deductions. Audits conducted in person may be at an IRS office (office audit) or at your home, place of business, or the office of your accountant, attorney, or enrolled agent (field audit). Audits can result in changes or no changes to your tax return, but it is fairly safe to assume that if you are selected for audit, changes that either positively or negatively affect you will be proposed. The IRS will explain any proposed changes to your return.

Audit Reconsideration

Audit reconsideration is an IRS procedure available to help you when you disagree with the results of an IRS assessment following an audit of your tax return. The audit reconsideration avenue may be appropriate if you can provide information that the IRS did not consider during its audit or if you believe that they made a computational or processing error in assessing your tax. If you have already been assessed additional tax due to the audit of one or more of your tax returns, contact Tax Muscle for immediate help and let our tax experts determine whether you qualify for audit reconsideration.

Audit Representation Service

If you have the misfortune of being amongst the meager percentage of taxpayers selected for audit, we recommend that you seek representation from a qualified tax professional. Tax Muscle offers a team of tax experts with years of knowledge and experience in resolving tax problems related to IRS audits. With Tax Muscle behind you, you gain the strength of our expertise and the assurance that we have a resolution technique available to help you.

Every Taxpayer Has A Right To Tax Representation

If you have been contacted by the IRS or State Taxing Agency, or are facing enforced collection action or the threat of such action, then let Tax Muscle do the heavy lifting and resolve your tax problem for good. Call 855.829.6875 today for your free 15 minute tax debt consultation.