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Happy Clients Tax problems are never convenient, but ignoring them won't make them go away. In fact, taking such an approach will only serve to make matters worse. The IRS is notoriously aggresive in its collection of tax debts, and in many instances, state taxing agencies are even worse. If you are facing collection action for back taxes or have otherwise been contacted by the IRS or State Taxing Agency, then worry no longer - help is available. But timing is often critical when attempting to resolve a tax problem, so act now and don't delay. Always remember that you have options, and everyone has the right to tax representation.

How To Get Started On The Path To Tax Relief

Getting Started Learning which types of tax resolution options are available to you is fast and easy. Simply complete the Free Tax Consultation form to the right, or call us at 855.829.6875 to receive a FREE 15 minute tax debt consultation with one of our tax experts. During this consultation, we will determine whether and which types of resolution options you qualify for. There are no obligations for receiving your consultation, so take the first step toward resolving your tax problem and contact us today.

All We Do Is Relieve Our Clients Of Tax Debt

The professionals at Tax Muscle have resolved tax problems in all manner of scope and severity. Whether it be by offer in compromise, installment agreement, appeal, or any of a number of alternative avenues of resolution, you can be confident that our proficiency in resolving tax problems can help you reconcile whatever tax issue you face.

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Here's Why Tax Muscle Is Your Best Option For Tax Relief

Happy Clients Any company can make a claim, but which one can you trust to deliver on its word? The IRS clearly cautions us that not everyone will qualify for tax debt reduction. Yet despite this understanding, it has become common practice for many companies in the tax resolution industry to take cases without a realistic expectation for success. Tax Muscle has never endorsed such a practice, which is part of what distinguishes our company and why we have earned the esteem of our loyal clients. The Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents at Tax Muscle have decades of combined experience in successfully negotiating tax resolutions. Our dedication to professional integrity demands that we maintain full transparency with all of our clients. If you do not qualify for tax reduction, then you will be informed of that determination upon the conclusion of our initial consultation. If you do, however, then we will provide you the full breadth of our commitment and expertise as we work toward securing you the greatest tax reduction allowed by law. We will never make a guarantee that we cannot deliver - or your money back.

Premium Tax Services That You Can Afford

Tax Professionals Consulting with Clients What is the purpose of having a reduction in your tax bill negotiated if you have to pay most of those savings for your tax representation? Tax Muscle charges a flat, affordable rate for the provision of our tax resolution services. In fact, our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry. We even offer financing options to clients who qualify. Through our in-depth consultation interview, we can determine exactly what types of resolution options you qualify for, including the exact price you will pay for receiving service from us. Before you plunge into a high-priced contract with another tax resolution company, do yourself a favor and contact Tax Muscle to find out how and for how much we can help you resolve your tax problem.

Our Process Will Lead You To Tax Relief In 3 Steps

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Tax Debt Investigation

In order to determine the best tax debt resolution option for you, we must first conduct a thorough tax debt investigation of your financial situation.

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Document of Findings


Investigative Findings & Analysis

After concluding our tax debt investigation, our Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents will be able to construct the most favorable tax resolution plan for your individual circumstances.
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Customized Tax Resolution Plan

With your tax resolution plan fully structured, we can put it into motion. Tax Muscle will negotiate the most favorable resolution plan for you with the IRS and/or State Taxing Agency and submit that plan for approval.
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Happy Client Testimonial This company helped me reduce my tax debt by over $6,000 by eliminating the penalties and interest that accrued on my tax bill. I am very satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality, trustworthy tax firm to help you resolve your tax issues. Before receiving help from Tax Muscle, I was spiraling ever-deeper in tax debt with no prospects for relief. Tax Muscle literally saved my life and contacting them was the best decision I made in my adult life.

-Lamar R.

Happy Client Testimonial If there was any enjoyable aspect of going through my tax ordeal, it was working with Tax Muscle. When I received a Notice of Deficiency from the IRS, I was totally confused. I never had any tax issues before that point so I was pretty much in the dark about how to address the issue. I initially tried to go it alone but dealing with the IRS didn't provide much help and the whole process just became overcompliated for me. So I contacted Tax Muscle for assistance. Speaking with the tax consultant was a pleasurable experience as he listened to my problem and gave me the confidence that everything would be worked out to my satisfaction. He then went over the process with me, making sure that I understood every step. From that point, everything that happened was exactly as he said it would be. My tax problem is finally behind me and I am extremely happy with the service I received from Tax Muscle. The end result was worth every penny.

-Dori B.

Happy Client Testimonial Last year I filed a return where I actually owed taxes. That was the first time I ever owed taxes since I started working. To make matters worse, I lost my job just a few weeks after filing that return and was unable to pay the amount I owed. I tried to set up a payment plan with the IRS, but the interest and penalties soon made the outstanding balance balloon to an amount that I just couldn't manage. From that point I knew that I needed professional help, so I did an online search and discovered Tax Muscle. After reading some good reviews about this company, I gave them a call to see what they could do for me, which proved to be a very smart decision. After assessing my finances, they were able to qualify me for CNC status, which means that I do not have to pay anything on my balance until my situation improves or the collection statute expires, whichever comes first.

-Chris M.

Let Our Tax Experts Handle The IRS For You

Tax Muscle is a United States tax debt resolution and audit representation company. Our skills and experience in tax negotiation at both the IRS and state levels can help you put your tax problems behind you once and for good. We are committed to our objective of ensuring that each of our clients receives the most favorable tax resolution allowed by law.

We specialize in the facilitation of all available tax debt resolution options, including:

Click any item in our list of Tax Resolution Services to learn more about how we can help you relieve your tax burden. Call us toll-free at 855.829.6875 or complete and submit our Free Tax Consultation form to receive your FREE, no obligation, 15 minute tax debt consultation and let our team of Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents lift the weight off your shoulders and resolve your tax problems TODAY!